Key Offerings

We take a personal interest in each person approaching us to be a prospective student of any US university. We take our jobs seriously extending a helping hand every step of the way.

1. Personal Assessment: The iFly Overseas team take time to personally assess our clients through in-depth questionnaires. These include questions about their hobbies, personality, career goals, and other aspects. This is a major step in helping them narrow down the university of their choice.

2. Life in the United States: iFly Services provide the students with a big picture of life in the US. How to interact with the natives, where to live, the cost of living, financial aspects of studying there, employment and any other questions will be answered thoroughly by our counselors.

3. Career Interests and Guidance: the future goals of the student play a major part in deciding the course to be pursued. Once the iFly Overseas team identifies this, we will be better able to help the student select the programme.

4. College Planning and Selection: We at iFly Services help the students evaluate their educational background and based on their test scores will help them narrow down their universities.

5. Entrance Exam Counselling: The team at iFly Services will be at hand to guide you in completing the entrance requirement of your choice of institutions.

6. Admission and Application Support: Each university has a different application process. The iFly Overseas team can help you navigate these rules and help you prepare the application packages for each university perfectly.

7. Essay and Personal Statement Review: The essay or the Personal statement required by the universities plays an important part in the application package. The iFly Overseas team will discuss with you how to put across effectively what needs to be said.

8. Document Preparation and Submission: This is the final step. After all your documents are in order, we will check them and ensure that they are submitted, and received by the universities. We will also follow up with the universities to ensure that they have been received.

9. Application Follow-Up: The iFly Overseas team will follow up with the universities regarding your application. If you are not accepted them, we will attempt to know the reason why as that it can be rectified in the next attempt. If you get accepted into two or more universities, we will help you make the choice perfect for you.